The Lesbos Dialogues is an international and interdisciplinary project. In its first phase, it focuses on the refugee crisis. It’s main aims are:

  • To provide greater understanding of core issues related to the refugee crisis.
  • To propose realistic solutions on how to better handle these issues.
  • To promote in-depth dialogues between the academic world, the relevant political authorities and policy-makers (mainly on the municipality level), social and economic factors, civil society groups, voluntary organizations, local authorities and institutions, and representatives of the refugees themselves.

The project aims at arranging a series of individual dialogues, as for example the human rights and children rights dialogue, the societal dialogue, the legal dialogue, the educational dialogue, the religious dialogue, and the technological dialogue.

The Lesbos Dialogues will be organized on the island of Lesbos by the University of Agder, Norway and the Municipality of Lesvos.

By organizing the event on Lesbos, the organizers aim at anchoring the relevant research and the dialogues on one of the main entrance points of refugees to Europe, giving at the same time  the event the added value of the symbolic support of the academic and political Europe to the Greek islands and their citizens.

Furthermore, this is one of the few actions of open government in Europe, where the refugees themselves are invited to participate in discussions on charting the current situation and determining best practices to improve at least some of the issues related to their lives and their future.

The first dialogue, dedicated to “Technology and the Refugee Crisis“, will be organized in Mytilene on 9-11 November 2017.

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