Crowdfunding seminar, Saturday 11 November 11th, 16:00–19:00

As a part of the Lesbos Dialogues, we organise a seminar in crowdfunding, open to everyone who has an idea or project that may be financed through crowdfunding. It should ne noted that the seminar is open to anyone, not only to projects, individuals and organisations related to the refugee crisis.

Crowdfunding allows us to collect small sums from many people in a scale, scope and speed unmatched earlier in history. It fills acute market gaps in early stage funding of startup ventures, as well as serving as a new resource pool for the funding of artistic, cultural and social projects. Riding the waves of Internet access and the social media boom, crowdfunding allows more projects to get funded, more people to be involved in funding projects, as well as have a say in the development of such projects. It is a channel to a more democratic and transparent distribution of funding based on people’s real needs, interests and priorities. And with global volumes approaching USD 300 billion in 2016, crowdfunding is a new form of finance that is here to make its mark and stay.

Our seminar will introduce different forms of crowdfunding, success drivers to crowdfunding campaigns, and practical preparations needed for running such campaigns. It is relevant for all businesses in need of funding, cultural institutions, social ventures and non-profit organisations.

We are grateful to our seminar leaders Associate Professor Rotem Shneor, Head of Scandinavian Crowdfunding Alliance, and Effie Tsiotsiou, Executive Director of the Onassis Foundation.

After a short presentation of the possibilities crowdfunding offers and the suggested methodology, the seminar will open to questions on concrete ideas and projects the participants would like to finance through crowdfunding.

The seminar will take place at the hotel Blue Sea in Mytilene (P. Kountouriotou 91).

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